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DORA is a high-precision, compact and light-weighted 3D dental scanner, which is the most suitable device for you to scan 3D jaw models, seamlessly run its integrated 3D CAD, exocad , and finally produce your own 3D dental prosthesis data efficiently.

  • Easy, fast and highly accurate scanning with LED pattern projection
    With its easy and user-friendly operations, you will take only 50 seconds for a complete upper and lower full-arches scanning! Accurate detection and reproduction of a “margin” shape is also supported, which is the most critical for your best prosthesis designing.
  • “Additional Scan” efficiently and flexibly supports standard scanning process
    No need to worry if you find unscanned gaps on your very complex jaw model after your initial standard scanning process. “Additional Scan” will handle it. You can easily and flexibly shoot those on the fly without returning to any previous operation. (Except the areas which become always behind from any direction.)
  • Easy and intuitive positioning operations with user-friendly Wizard
    Our user-friendly Wizard always leads you to easily and thoroughly complete your layout operations between prepared teeth and the jaw, occlusion positioning of the upper and lower jaws and so forth.
  • Advanced DORA data use
    Seamless data transfer is supported with its integrated 3D CAD, exocad, and our most advanced wax milling machine, WAXY. On the other hand, DORA keeps itself as a complete “open” system, so you can also take utmost advantages of using your preferred third-party systems which handle open STL files from DORA.
Jaw scanning process
Jaw scanning process
Imported 3D data
Imported 3D data
Occlusion positioning verification
Occlusion positioning verification

Device Specification

Camera Resolution 1280 × 960 × 60fps
Scanning Area Ø100mm × H60mm
Accuracy ±25µm
Rotary Stage 2-Axis (Tilt: ±45° , Pan: 360°)
Size W333 × D398 × H485mm
Weight 12Kg
Output data format STL, ms1 (original format)
Attached products Controlling PC
CAD software (exocad)

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