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This website“the Website”) is operated by DIGITAL PROCESS LTD. (“DIPRO”). Please conduct use after understanding the terms of use. DIPRO reserves the rights to add, delete, or modify these terms or the contents of this Website at any time without notice.
Copyright and other rights relating to the Website and individual texts, materials, graphics, images, sounds, trademarks, logos and the like are owned by DIPRO. Acts of reproduction, transmission, distribution, alteration, deletion or the like of the Website contents without DIPRO’s permission for the purpose of profit, non-profit or internal use through intranet are prohibited.
Publication to media
  • Publication to magazines and advertisements
    Please contact  Webmaster division of DIGITAL PROCESS LTD. at in advance.
  • Publication to media such as mail magazines
    Please insert the URL. You do not have to get our permission.
When you insert our URL into other website, publication, printed matter and document, use either of the following URLs;
DIPRO will use reasonable effort to place accurate and up-to-date information on the Website but makes no warranty of its accuracy, completeness and/or timeliness.
We ask your understanding for the fact that the recorded contents, configuration, URL and the like of the Website are subject to change or suspension without notice.
In the unlikely event where losses occur due to the use of the Website data and the link, DIPRO assumes no liability whatsoever.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction
All the disputes hereunder shall be exclusively brought in the Yokohama District Court or Atsugi Summary Court of Japan as the Supreme Court.

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